Word Hunt

This page shows a simple Augmented Reality example, where users have to decipher clues to common technology applications that are used in education. The first letter of each answer spells out a concept used in education.

This demonstration has been prepared for the ALT-c 2016 conference; the QR code or link below will allow you to follow the altc2016 Aurasma channel. New users will be



Link to altc2016 channel http://auras.ma/s/tsXgw

Once on the altc2016 link tap on ‘follow’, then ‘open app to follow’. There is no need to log in or create an account. For new users you will be asked if you want to search the app store to install the Aursama app (or you can download Aursama separately from PlayStore or iStore).

The app usually starts with the viewfinder showing pulsating white dots on the screen.

From the main menu the [ ] icon at the base of the screen will start the viewfinder.

Once in viewfinder mode point your device at the trigger image, the dots change to circles while the content is downloading and this will play repeatedly while your viewfinder is pointing at the trigger.

There are four clues, each is a trigger for Ausrama content to give one of each of  the four letters of the answer.

Here are the clues ( you will need to pause the slideshow for each clue):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This task is small and relatively trivial but is the kind of thing that you can get your students to create themselves. Benefits from this sort of exercise are – group working, research, project development skills, creativity and media skills.

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