Augmented Book Poster

This page provides information and instructions on creating an augmented poster to promote a favourite book.

Here are some detailed instructions for the Book Poster Session on using aurasma and publishing your work:


We also have a simple word template that can be downloaded and used for your poster:


ARPosterTemplate(pdf) … to show what is looks like, as word is likely to slightly mangle the MyBookARPosterTemplate, but it will still give a reasonable starting point.

Epping Forest Trigger  If you are following the aruposter channel you will be able to see this example aura by aiming the viewfinder of a device at the image on then screen.

Here is QR code that links to the books4U user and the aruposter channel, which can give you quick access to aurasma.


Some of the posters that were produced:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some Pictures from the day: 

Short Video of the work progressing: 

A Poster of our own that summarizes the day: 


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