This is Augmented@ARU  Blog and resources site for the Anglia Ruskin University Learning and Teaching funded project :

Developing a framework for Augmented Reality – use and reuse in different learning contexts

It is being run as an interdisciplinary and cross faculty project by

Dr Mike Hobbs FST (see http://www.anglia.ac.uk/ruskin/en/home/faculties/fst/departments/comptech/staff/mike_hobbs.html)

and Dr Debbie Holley FHSCE (see http://drdebbieholley.com)

supported by a Steering group comprising:

Carol McMaster ARU Library (AR reading lists); Matt East FST technologist (AR and media (re)use; Dr Philip Howlett (laboratory AR) Dr Debbie Holley (AR to engage students inside/outside the classroom) Dr Mike Hobbs (AR and innovative assessment), Elaine Brown (AR usability, and pedagogy) plus student representatives (names to be advised).

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