Getting Started with Aurasma

On this page you will find links to two .pdf files that provide simple, complete and current guides to

a) downloading and installing Aurasma  StartingAurasma1

b) When you are ready, a guide to creating your own Aurasma Augmented Reality artifact. We use an example of a book, and take you through the process step by step. The final slide contains a set of further resources.  CreateYourOwnAuraIMG_0054

Please feel free to download, use or adapt the materials, and let us know how you got on or if there are any amendments / updates that are needed by leaving a comment.

Here are is an interesting resource that looks at creating an ‘e-poster’ we used this as a basis for our e-book day, do read the blog entry for this:

We also have an introductory ‘work sheet’ as used in our Augmented Reality PDP project, which has instructions as well as some handy hints and links to other materials.

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