Next Steps …

We are now off to wider vistas with a workshop at ALT-C (Association of Learning Technologies Conference) 2015 in Manchester on September 8th. (
Here is a link to the Slide Share workshop presentation:

Augmented Reality (AR) meets Action Research: A workshop (re) conceptualising a year one gaming/computing curricula.

Also a presentation and demonstration at ELEOT 2015 ” Using Augmented Reality to engage STEM students with an authentic curriculum” in Italy on September 16th which provides context and overview to the PDP Augmented Reality project. (

Coming soon will be our paper in the Anglia Ruskin Learning and Teaching publication ‘Networks’ – here is a near final ‘pre-published’ version:  The Augmented Library: Motivating STEM StudentsThe Augmented Library: Motivating STEM Students

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