Librarian Workshops

From the beginning of Augmented Reality books have been used as triggers and the media played used to enhance the reading / learning experience. As well as supplementing books for study some of the groups of PDP students  (for details of these projects see the Augmented PDP page) have provided AR links to locate the library and to locate particular subject areas within the library.

We also used books as the focus for the PANARU workshop, where a visiting group of lecturers and students from Panama use AR to record their comments on a selection of books and to use these as the focus for creating attractive AR enhanced posters.

To share these experiences and to help Librarians become aware of AR and to get some hands-on experience workshops (19th July in on ARU Chelmsford Campus and 26 July on the Cambridge campus). We used the classic text Homer’s Odessy with some related images for participants to use as triggers for short video commentaries that they recorded using their smart phones.

HomerScirens HomerBookCover

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