PANARU meets Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality day for International visitors (Feb 18th, 2015)

We worked with the international office, ALSS, and University Librarians to host a one day event creating an “Augmented Reality Poster”. Delivered to 55 Panamanian visiting English teachers and student teachers, hosted by ALSS as part of a language acquisition programme, ‘PANARU’ – sponsored by the Panamanian government. Participants were engaged in a day of activities that introduced AR and used this as a focus for creating a poster reviewing their favourite book, enabling them to create a short video triggered by the book/poster. All the materials and resources for the day were produced by Mike and Debbie, with help from the librarians (details and photographs of the day are on the project blog site).

This session included three Indian Professors of Media Literature and English as part of the British Council FLAIR programme for fostering linkages in academic innovation and research. One of the professors gave a presentation on using stylistic elements to convey emotional context. The three FLAIR participants further engaged with the workshop, working with the rest of the team to support language acquisition as the Panamanian visitors developed their posters.  to facilitate  for . n, who wanted to experience best practice, cutting edge teaching.

Team: Dr Mike Hobbs, (Computing and Technology), Dr Debbie Holley(Education), Averil Robertson (technical lead University library), Chloe Menown(subject librarian).

Here is a short video that shows some of the action:

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